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Black Ops 4 update nerfs 9-Bangs in Blackout

9-Bangs have gotten a little less effective in the latest Black Ops 4 update

call of duty black ops 4 blackout

The latest patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 nerfs 9-Bangs in Blackout mode, giving players a bit more time to get out of the way of the grenade’s disorienting effects. That’s just one of many changes in the update, but it’s probably the thing the community has requested most vocally since the game’s launch.

9-Bangs will now take longer to charge, and have a lengthier fuse time, as well. Stacks have been reduced from two to one for both 9-Bangs and Cluster Grenades. None of those changes will make the weapons any less effective if they hit, but they mean you’ll see the grenades less frequently and you’ll have a bit more time to get out of the way when they’re deployed.

Those changes are specific to Blackout, and the battle royale mode will also see the Dead Silence perk reduced to a 120 second duration, in keeping with Awareness. PC players will also see a fix for an exploit where you could start with 200 health if you used a Trauma Kit at the beginning of a match.

The patch also corrects another major exploit that allowed players to get underneath the Morocco map in standard multiplayer. The full patch notes also include scorestreak and gear tweaks, and you can read on there for further details.

If you’re looking to navigate this rebalanced world, don’t miss our guides to Blackout weapons and Blackout perks, or our general Blackout tips. Treyarch says the studio is still tracking some specific issues for further updates, including issues with prestige custom classes and further crashes in Zombies modes.