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Custom games are coming to Black Ops 4 Blackout

call of duty black ops 4 blackout

Black Ops 4 will soon supports custom games in Blackout. The feature will go live next week – Treyarch isn’t specific about whether this is something PlayStation gets first dibs on – and will allow you to get into small, private matches with friends so you can explore at your own pace and get some practice time in. The options are starting small, but more are set to come over time depending on how players make use of the feature.

Maximum player count will be at 12 to start, and you’ll be able to divvy your group of friends in solos, duos, and quads. There’ll be full support for character customisation, too. Don’t expect to play offline, though, as matches will be “online only to ensure each Custom Game is up-to-date.”

Custom games will also support another new Blackout feature set to launch next week: weapon camo. You’ll be able to use camo earned across the game in Blackout, whether it comes from Zombies, standard multiplayer, or the Black Market. There’ll be a new Armory menu where you’ll set your camo choices, and you’ll see those skins applied whenever you up that weapon during a match.

Today’s patch notes on Reddit include boosted chances to find character mission items in Blackout, and that change takes immediate effect. If you’re looking for some more current reasons to play, you’ll currently enjoy double merits in Blackout and double XP in the rest of the game from now until the morning of Monday, December 17.

Operation Absolute Zero is underway on PlayStation 4, and as per the usual exclusivity agreement with Sony will come to PC (and Xbox) next week. That means we’ll get a new specialist and finally see the addition of Hijacked in Blackout for ourselves.

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