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Ghost Town comes to Black Ops 4 Blackout - Alcatraz and a night mode should follow

Ghost Town, Alcatraz, and the moon all aim to leave their mark on Blackout

There’s about to be a new location to drop in on in Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode – the dusty abandoned streets of Ghost Town. A trailer for the new Operation Grand Heist showcases the new location, as well as plenty of other new content for the base game and Black Ops Pass holders. Notably, there some more buried teases on what to expect next, including more Blackout locations and what might just be that day/night cycle we heard about ages ago.

Ghost Town looks to be just what the name suggests – an old Western town with dirt streets and wooden buildings to do battle in. This is a mix of two previous locations. We’ve got the Black Ops 3 map Outlaw – itself a remake of the previous game’s Standoff – above-ground, and then the Zombies map Buried inspires the underground section of the area.

This location drops in Operation Grand Heist, which hits PlayStation 4 tomorrow. As always, Xbox One and us PC players will have to wait an additional week for the bulk of the new content. The update will also bring the new Casino and Lockup maps for Black Ops Pass owners.

As Charlie Intel notes, there are also a few frames in the trailer below hiding further new Blackout changes.

Toward the end of the trailer, there’s a jumble of footage which shows players dropping into the Blackout map in the dark. Then, there’s a second clip of players parachuting onto Alcatraz – also at night.

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Alcatraz and this potential night mode probably won’t be live in the impending Grand Heist update, but they’re probably the next set of major additions we can expect for Blackout.