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The Ray Gun is back in Call of Duty Blackout - here’s how to get it

Ray Guns and mystery boxes are back in Blackout. If you want to find them, here's how

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode brings together locations and gear from throughout the Black Ops series, and that includes even the silliest armaments that Zombies brought us – like the Ray Gun. We’ve still got a few days until the PC beta goes live, but this week’s PlayStation beta has given us an insight on how to get the weapon – so if you want a head start, here you go.

You’ll want to find a zombie-spawning location, and your best bet is to drop at Asylum, then head southeast toward the graveyard. Once everyone’s on the ground, you’ll see a beam of blue light shining toward the sky, indicating that zombies have spawned – and that a mystery box full of special weapons is there for the taking.

The Ray Gun might be yours for the taking straight out of the box, but more likely you’ll need to grab some weapons and start mowing down zombies until one of them drops the sci-fi laser. You’ll get an array of high-quality weapons regardless, from the Galil to the Zweihander, so the killing will get progressively easier as you go until, eventually, the Ray Gun is yours.

As GamesRadar notes, there are a handful of other locations where zombies are liable to spawn once the mystery box is looted, but sticking to the graveyard will be one of the safest bets for continued spawns once other players have claimed those locations.

You, loyal PC gamer, don’t have much longer to wait before putting this into practice, since the Blackout PC beta start time is set for this weekend – follow that link for more pertinent details depending on your time zone. The Black Ops 4 release date is set for October 12.