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Killing zombies in Black Ops 4 battle royale gets you Ray Guns and Monkey Bombs

Zombies are part of Black Ops 4's Blackout mode, and killing them will net you access to special weapons

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Blackout brings battle royale to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and it’s not all PvP – you’ll also be contending with zombies as AI enemies on the map. Blackout serves as a sort of greatest hits of past Black Ops characters and locations, and it seems zombies are not exception, though this won’t be quite the wave-based survival thing we’ve seen throughout the Black Ops series.

Instead, zombies spawn at a handful of many pre-selected destinations, and you can choose whether or not to engage with them. Taking out those zombies will give you a supply stash filled with rare items, with access to such goodies as the Ray Gun or Monkey Bombs. In that sense, it seems that zombies more or less serve as the supply drops seen in PUBG.

That info comes from the latest digital issue of Game Informer (courtesy of Charlie Intel), and further info was revealed by design director David Vonderhaar in a rapid-fire Q&A session. You can find the zombies by looking for a ray of light, and though you can largely choose to ignore zombies, it’s possible for the circle to close in on an undead location, adding a little chaos to the end of a match. (Though Vonderhaar says that it won’t get too unmanageable.)

Zombies will be the only AI enemies in Blackout, but it already marks a big shift from the purely PvP action of most battle royale games. Maybe that’s just the benefit of being part of a game with a variety of other modes and features, but we’ll soon see how much it affects the mode as a whole.

The Blackout beta goes live later this month, and we’ve gotten plenty of new details just recently – including player counts and the lack of item rarity. The Black Ops 4 release date is little over a month away now, and you can follow that link for much more info on Blackout, zombies, and multiplayer.