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Black Ops 4 PC crash fixes are here

PC crashes in Black Ops 4 getting you down? There should now be a lot less of them

new pc games 2018 - call of duty black ops 4

Treyarch has emphasized its enthusiasm for PC in the months leading up to the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the port has been pretty good – though there have been an unfortunate number of crashes. Today sees the release of a big update with a multitude of fixes that should make your PC experience a bit more stable.

Today’s update changes the max player count for quads in Blackout to 88, and boosts duos players up to 100. Team Deathmatch will now support parties of six – up from five – and custom Search and Destroy games will no longer push you to end round seven, now correctly concluding at the sixth win.

The official patch notes mention “general stability improvements and crash fixes,” though a PC-specific post gets much more detailed. The Battle.net patch fixes crashes that occurred during boot, when changing texture quality, when disconnecting from a Blackout match, while browsing unlockable items, while streaming geometry, and when multiple windows would break simultaneously in Blackout.

Additionally, the PC version now has a fix for a “concurrency issue in multithreaded physics code,” improved handling of memory errors, and performance issues when changing clan tags.

That’s not every issue PC players have run into, but it is a lot of them. The devs also say they’re working on a fix for crashes related to the Hellion Salvo, which occurs when you’re using the Hunt camo and Fast Lock attachment on that weapon. In the meantime, don’t use that combo.

Check out our guide to Black Ops 4 weapons if you’re looking for an alternative to your beloved Hellion Salvo, and stay tuned for info on further updates as Treyarch keeps tweaking the game.