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Here’s how Black Ops 4’s competitive Zombie Rush mode works

Black Ops 4 Zombies has a Rush mode, and now we finally know what that means

All the Black Ops 4 hype over the past week or two has focused on Blackout, but there’s plenty more coming including Zombies, which has a new mode called Rush. Treyarch mentioned the new feature back when the game was first revealed, but now we’ve finally got some details on it – basically, it provides arcade-style action that gives you a competitive way to play Zombies.

The overall structure is still cooperative, but now all the weapons are free and doors automatically unlock as you move forward. Instead, you collect zombie points for killing the undead, with an in-match leaderboard tracking your score relative to the other players in your game, showing shifting positions as a racing game would.

Zombies director Jason Blundell likens it to Gauntlet. “There’s a friendly competition there, grabbing the power-up or grabbing the ammo before the other person.” The inspiration for Rush comes in part from Grief mode back in Black Ops 2, which put teams in more direct competition by letting players interfere with each others’ progress. Rush has a similar spirit, but the intent is to offer a more casual experience.

You can hear it all straight from Blundell in the interview below. The relevant bit on Rush comes at 13:24.

The Blackout PC beta is over, though not before a few players managed to figure out how to get basketball kills. Of course, all the features in Black Ops 4 come without one traditional mainstay – a campaign. With the Black Ops 4 release date approaching, we’ll soon find out how true the old “nobody plays campaign anyway” adage actually is.