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Black Ops 6 maps - what we know so far

The quality of Black Ops 6 maps can make or break the game - here’s what we know about the multiplayer arenas you’ll be fighting in.

Black Ops 6 maps: an abandoned and derelict train car, overgrown with foliage.

What are the Black Ops 6 maps? The multiplayer experience, especially in Call of Duty, hinges on a few key factors: the feel of the guns, the quality of the movement, and how good the maps are. The maps on offer with each CoD release can turn it from a dud to an instant classic, with several old-school maps finding their way into each release due to their popularity.

We’ve been given a sneak peek at what’s to come with the Black Ops 6 Direct showcase, and even though the Black Ops 6 release date is still a ways away, we’ve got a picture of what we can expect. The development team went into some detail about how they want these maps to feel, and their mindset behind what they hope will be an FPS game classic.

Black Ops 6 maps: an indoor pool bathed in evening sunlight.

Black Ops 6 maps

We know that there will be 16 maps available with the Black Ops 6 launch; 12 of these will be standard 6v6 multiplayer fare, with the rest designed as Strike maps. Strike maps, we’re told, at smaller, faster-paced maps, that can be played in 6v6 and 2v2 mode.

The dev team wants to cater to all levels of players, creating classic three-lane maps that can accommodate a natural flow of battle, serving an exciting experience for new players and hardened veterans alike. They have also confirmed that many of these maps will take place in key locations from the campaign, set after the single-player action has taken place.

Black Ops 6 maps: an underground storage area, damp and dark.

If players complete the campaign before jumping into multiplayer, they should already have a feel for each of these locations, reducing the potentially frustrating onboarding that can occur when trying to learn a new space. Couple this with the familiarity with the new Black Ops 6 equipment, and players should be good to go once they complete the story.

While we don’t know specifics at this point, rest assured we’ll update this guide with individual maps as and when the information is available. For now though, take a look at the Black Ops 6 prestige system, how to get into the Black Ops 6 beta, and the Black Ops 6 system requirements so you’ll be set and ready on day one.