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CoD Black Ops 6 Omnimovement explained

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 features a new range of mechanics to completely change the way the FPS game feels - one of those is Omnimovement.

A player slides across the ground backwards in Black Ops 6 thanks to new Omnimovement.

What is Black Ops 6 Omnimovement? Treyarch are pushing the all existing boundaries when it comes to Black Ops 6 mechanics, and one of the first things the development team threw out the rule book for was movement.

Movement speed was a huge topic of conversation with MW3. Dolphin dives are just super fun. We all have an opinion on slide cancels. Every time a new Call of Duty game comes out, movement is one of the first things to be critiqued, so it’s an important one for Treyarch to get right in Black Ops 6. With Omnimovement, movement becomes more seamless than ever in the FPS game, and even improves options for accessibility. Here’s what you need to know about Black Ops 6 Omnimovement.

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360 movement

Omnimovement gives players the ability to dive, sprint, and slide in any direction, rather than just the forward movement of previous games. This is a huge change that’s going to completely alter the way it feels to move in Call of Duty.

Before Black Ops 6, sprinting and sliding in any direction requires you to face that direction. If you try to move to the side or backwards while sprinting, for example, you automatically revert to a walking pace. It’s likely going to take some getting used to, especially for keyboard and mouse players, but Omnimovement should give players much more freedom and maneuverability in combat.

This change is going to make it both easier to evade enemy fire, but it will also make it harder to land hits, too. Consider when you dive or slide in other CoD games, it’s obvious to the enemy where you’re going to move, and simply aiming down counteracts it. With Omnimovement, you can use sideways movement, for example, to be a little more unpredictable and catch the opposing operator unawares.

This 360-degree movement carries into being prone, as well. Turning around while prone in other Call of Duty games is a clunky movement in which operators maintain the same position on their stomach and sidle around. This not only looks awkward and unrealistic, but it doesn’t provide the smoothest of actions either, especially when trying to shoot at the same time. With Omnimovement, this changes to a more slick animation in which operators roll onto their back. Realistically, this allows the character to keep a more firm grip on their gun, which translates in gameplay with smoother shooting and movement while on the ground.

An in-game menu showing the option for sprint assist for Black Ops 6 omnimovement.

Intelligent movement

Black Ops 6 Intelligent movement is perhaps the most exciting part of the new Omnimovement mechanic, not just for general easy of play, but also for accessibility. Choose your own level of movement automation and decide when you want intelligent movement to crouch, slide, and mantle for you, or whether you still want to trigger the action yourself.

Taking inspiration from driving games that use use various assists, such as assisted braking or automatic gear changes, intelligent movement also allows players to toggle movement assists on and off across three separate options: sprint assist, mantle assist, and crouch assist. Turning these on causes these actions to take place without a button press, while players still need to activate the action with the option off.

We can definitely see this causing some issues when you mantle instead of taking cover somewhere, for example, so it’s going to be worth playing with these settings until you find the setup that works for you. That said, we can certainly see these option coming in very handy for some players with accessibility needs, given the need for fewer button pushes.

We couldn’t be more excited to try out these new options with Black Ops 6 Omimovement, but there’s loads more to look forward to from the Black Ops 6 release date, as well. Find out more about the Black Ops 6 safe house, your base of operations in the war game, and keep an eye on the Black Ops 6 beta to see when you can try the new mechanics out early.