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Black Ops 6 Prestige explained

Grind through the levels and show your mastery with Black Ops 6 Prestige as the FPS game reverts to a fondly-remembered, classic system.

What is the Black Ops 6 Prestige system? Getting the psychological edge over your opponents in Call of Duty can go a long way in winning a multiplayer match. Sure, your aim, loadouts, and general skill are huge factors in securing victory, but if you can put your enemies on the back foot before a single shot has been fired, you’re in a great spot to dominate. Your Black Ops 6 Prestige level shows the world that you’re experienced and bloodthirsty.

The Black Ops 6 release date isn’t until later this year, but we know plenty about the upcoming FPS game thanks to the Call of Duty Direct presentation. One big piece of news, especially for long-time fans, is that the Black Op 6 Prestige system will revert to a classic state, no longer tied to live service seasons.

Black Ops 6 Prestige: a military style badge showing three dogs.

Black Ops 6 Prestige explained

Prestige in Call of Duty is essentially your player level – it shows how experienced you are and, in a way, how much time you have in the game. You begin at the bottom: no Prestige, level one. Once you hit level 55 you have the option to “Prestige”, resetting all your equipment – and your level – back to the beginning, albeit with the fancy new Prestige badge next to your name.

You can Prestige ten times in total, where you’ll then have the option to unlock an additional 1,000 levels to grind through. There are multiple unlockables within these 1,000 levels, but we aren’t quite sure what those are just yet. It’s the ultimate test for only the most dedicated players.

If you see someone with a high Prestige level, take care, as they are battle-hardened and have seen it all before. We’ll add more information on the high-level unlockables once we know more, but for now, all you can do is prepare mentally for the long journey ahead. Check out the Black Ops 6 system requirements guide to make sure your rig is up to the task, and how to access the Black Ops 6 beta so you can get into the action early.