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Black Ops 6 safe house explained

Your Black Ops 6 safe house acts as a base of operations for you and yours, but it also houses secrets from its time as a KGB black site.

Black Ops 6 safehouse: a pinboard showing a map with black markers placed on key locations.

What is the Black Ops 6 safe house? It looks like Woods and the gang have to go it alone if they intend to save the world — again. Going rogue presents both opportunity and obstacle; the Black Ops squad can move without restraints and act as they see fit, but without a supporting organization, they’ll have to procure their own equipment and find a new home base. That’s where the safe house comes in.

The Black Ops 6 release date is still a while away, but thanks to Call of Duty Direct, we know what to exact when the time comes. The Call of Duty series has cemented its place as one of the best FPS games you can play, and it looks as though Black Ops 6 will be no different. Here’s what we know about the Black Ops 6 safe house, its murky past, and what secrets you might find within.

Black Ops 6 safehouse: an old abandoned manor.

Black Ops 6 safe house

We know a few things about the Black Ops 6 safe house so far, namely that it’s an old, abandoned manor near the ocean, and that it was once a KGB black site. The safe house, rich with espionage pedigree, is the perfect location for Woods and his new friends to set up shop.

The manor acts as a campaign hub, with the campaign board being the centerpiece of the mission room. From here, you can review previous missions and plan what comes next. You can also examine evidence collected from past jaunts, and it looks like it’ll be where you configure your loadouts for the next firefight.

Black Ops 6 safehouse: a wooden table, a machine gun and a paper map.

Black Ops 6 safe house secrets

It was hinted at during Black Ops 6 Direct that your safe house, being an old KGB base, may house more than a few secrets in its depths. From the video, we can see that there are several abandoned areas inside the manor — the cellar, for instance — and it may well be that poking around when not on a mission could pay dividends in the fight to come.

That’s everything we know so far about the Black Ops 6 safe house, but by the looks of it, it’s by no means the last we’ll find out about the gang’s new base of operations. Check out the Black Ops 6 system requirements to find out if your rig is up to the job before release, and the current best PC games if you want something to play right now.