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You can shrink COD: Cold War’s install size by uninstalling specific modes at launch

"We are also PC players, and I'm lacking space on my disk as well, so that's very important for us"

One of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s best features only came to PC recently. That is, the ability to uninstall certain modes to keep that file size down. Look, I only have so much space, and upwards of 200 GB is a lot. Thankfully, though, we won’t have to wait for the ability to uninstall certain modes in Call of Duty: Blacks Ops – Cold War, as the feature will be there from launch.

We caught up with Beenox’ UI/UX director Marc Alexandre Milot, whose studio is handling the war game’s PC port. “We are also PC players, and I’m lacking space on my disk as well, so that’s very important for us,” he explains. “So yes, we have what’s called a content management system so you can uninstall some parts of the game on BattleNet.

“We’re trying to make it a bit easier on Black Ops, making sure that you know exactly if you want to remove the campaign or the zombie mode because you’re done with it, you played it already, and you don’t want to have the updates for those modes. So you can uninstall them.”

Milot adds that you’ll also be able to uninstall the high-definition texture pack if you’re not using a 4K monitor. He can’t say how large the high-definition texture pack will be right now because it’s still changing, but it’s currently 50 GB for what it’s worth.

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We’ll post our full interview with Milot soon, so do check back for more details on COD: Cold War.

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