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The best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War MP5 loadout

Our favourite MP5 class setup from the beta

MP5 Cold War loadout

Somethings never change, which is why you probably will not be surprised to learn that the Call of Duty Cold War MP5 class is among the strongest setups in the game. Much like our Warzone MP5 loadout was best in its class, the Cold War variant will dispatch enemies in a hundred or so milliseconds – sometimes while they’re still readying their gun.

With a versatile batch of attachments to choose from and a slightly more complex Cold War create-a-class system, figuring out the best Call of Duty Cold War MP5 loadout is no mean feat. We’ve tested out every attachment for the MP5, as well as some of the best class modifiers to get the best out of this run ‘n’ gun weapon, and we think we’ve found one of the best setups possible.

The MP5 may be receiving a nerf in the next balance patch, so we’d recommend using our MP5 loadout while it currently reigns supreme. If the MP5 doesn’t take your fancy, have a look at the rest of the Cold War guns to find a weapon that suits you.

Best Call of Duty Cold War MP5 loadout

The best Call of Duty Cold War MP5 Loadout is:

Primary weapon: MP5

  • Microflex LED
  • Agency Suppressor
  • SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • 9.1″ Rifled
  • SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Field Agent Grip
  • 40 Rnd Drum
  • No Stock

Secondary weapon: Gallo SA12

  • Duckbill Choke
  • 21.4″ Paratrooper
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • STANAG 12 Rd Tube
  • No Stock

Tactical: Stimshot
Lethal: Molotov
Field Upgrade: Field Mic

Perk 1: Flak Jacket
Perk 2: Scavenger
Perk 3: Ninja

Wildcard: Gunfighter

The basic premise of this class is to deathball around every corner and use your high DPS weapons to guarantee you win the fight. Being quiet thanks to Ninja, and safer from explosives due to Flak Jacket, should lend you some confidence, but for the most part this class is all about getting the best out of the MP5. That’s why we’ve chosen the Gunfighter Wildcard, which allows us to strap an additional three attachments on the MP5.

The MP5 setup itself is all about mobility, fast aim down sight speeds, decent hip fire-accuracy, and recoil control. If you move fast then you’ll find you’re almost always to engage an enemy with these attachments, and it won’t be difficult to secure the kill with the sheer DPS with SMG puts out. Backing it up you’ve got the frankly ridiculous Gallo SA12 shotgun, with attachments that buff its damage range, accuracy, mobility, and fire rate. So if you can’t reload the MP5 rest assured you can pull this shotgun out and secure several more kills.

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We’ve opted for the Stimshot so you can re-peek more aggressively or recover quickly between duels, the Field Mic for extra intel, and the Molotov for a bit of area denial.