How to use Prestige Keys in Call of Duty Cold War

Here’s everything you can purchase using your Prestige Keys

Wondering how to spend your Prestige Keys in Call of Duty: Cold War? Whether you barely scraped by and achieved the season level 50 reward, or you reached the coveted Prestige Master title, your prestige key rewards should’ve unlocked at the start of the new season. The special keys can be used in the new Prestige Shop, allowing you to unlock special items from previous games.

With the release of Black Ops Cold War Season One, Activision has unified the progression system in Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Cold War. This means any experience earned in any of the three games will add to one unified leveling system. Not only will you share the same level across the Call of Duty games; any rewards you claim from the Prestige Shop will display no matter which game you earned them in.

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Call of Duty Cold War Prestige Shop

Now that the first season of Cold War has launched, any players that reached season level 50 and above should’ve received their Prestige Keys by now. There’s a bug with the Prestige Shop at the moment stopping anyone with keys from accessing the store. Although there are leaks which reveal a glimpse of the shop so far; there’s no telling whether more items will be added to the Prestige Shop before its official release.

Here’s everything the Call of Duty Cold War Prestige Shop has to offer:

  • 58 Custom Prestige icons
  • 57 Prestige calling cards
  • 20 Legacy calling cards
  • 16 Prestige Master calling cards

Purchasing any of the calling cards will cost one prestige key. You can earn a maximum amount of 20 Prestige Keys per season, each unlocking after gaining 50 levels. Returning Black Ops fans will notice the shop includes every prestige calling card from the previous games, allowing you to pick from your past favourites.

The Prestige Shop also displays how many times you’ve managed to reach the rank of Prestige Master each season. This is displayed with a ribbon featuring a star – as you continue to earn this illustrious rank, more stars will be added to your ribbon each season.

You may be familiar with prestige tokens from previous Call of Duty games, in Cold War they are called Prestige Keys. As you might’ve guessed, they work exactly the same as the tokens, except they have been renamed.

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