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Call of Duty World League starts today, the first high-level CoD e-sports of 2016


The world’s most recognisable brand of FPS kicks its e-sports scene into overdrive today as the Call of Duty World League starts for 2016. It’s a new initiative for Activision in their long, slow push towards competitive relevance with CoD, which has never seemed to take off in the e-sports sphere despite its ludicrous sales. While they still don’t have a PC division, which might be part of the problem, the Playstation-hosted games start today and run every Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of March.

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The games for the Australia and New Zealand region have already kicked off, and will be followed by the European region, then the Americas, before resetting to ANZ’s Wednesday games. It’s a long schedule of Call of Duty and lasts 11 weeks. You can watch it all right here:

Unsurprisingly, what with Activision having bought out MLG and having more money than most modern militaries to throw at the project, it’s a very professional setup for what is a first time run. That good side of publishers running their own tournaments is we should see things fast approach the American pro-sports apex of coverage as far as speed, downtime and quality goes.

You can see lots more details on what’s happening over on the official site. There’s a full schedule,a run-down of the teams to get you going and a preview of round 1, for all your CoDly needs.