Battlefield 5 will outsell the next Call of Duty predicts analyst for no real reason

Heavy Duty mode increases HP for Call of Duty: Ghosts players.

Everyone’s favourite games analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Battlefield 5 will outsell Call of Duty in 2016. His reasons are somewhat on the shaky side, but who are we to argue with a man whose job it is to purely analyse the games industry?

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Pachter explained his reasoning behind the prediction in a recent video. The next team to release a Call of Duty game are Infinity Ward, who last released Call of Duty: Ghosts in 2013. You may remember that Ghosts was pretty darn bad. Pachter believes that lackluster game will have left a sour taste in many players’ mouths, and thus will look for alternatives in 2016 for their military action fix.

That alternative will be Battlefield 5, which is confirmed to be returning to the army after Hardlines vacation to cops-and-robbers-town. Pachter believes DICE will have learnt many lessons from the ropey time on Battlefield 4 and their recent release of Star Wars Battlefront. They should be able to put out a great game that will pull in the CoD crowd and go on to become 2016’s best seller, apparently.

Since we’re making pointless, baseless speculation, here’s my hot take: Call of Duty will still sell bucket-loads and outsell Battlefield 5. The Call of Duty brand is far more powerful than that of the studio name. CoD sells phenomenally well because people who only play a couple of games pick it up every year, and many of these millions of players likely don’t know (or even care) who makes the game.

Let’s all join in on the game: tell us your wild prediction for the BF5/CoD 2016 battle in the comments.

Thanks, BF4Central.