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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer reveals class-based multiplayer with on-the-fly crafting

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer

Call of Duty gets a lot of stick for being a series that doesn't change much between sequels, but Infinite Warfare looks like the biggest jump boost yet, heading so far into the future that every gun, skill and throwable singularity is completely alien. If nothing else, the in-game tech has come a long way. 

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At the core, Infinite Warfare looks to retain CoD's signature speedy, punchy gunplay, but there are a few concessions to the modern gaming scene if you watch closely. The most obvious is the introduction of classes. Here classes take the form of combat rigs - suits, basically - that you can presumably assign from the customisation menu to take specific skills into battle. 

Later in the trailer, there's also a flash of a crafting system, which looks to let you upgrade your weapons with parts mid-game, strengthening their properties. Here's the trailer:

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The YouTube dislikes are already racking up, for some reason, and the comments are overwhelmingly negative. One guy even wishes they would make Ghosts 2 instead. Imagine wishing that. 

If you don't like the sci-fi elements of the new CoD, perhaps you're looking forward to the Modern Warfare remaster instead. If that's you, there's also a multiplayer trailer for that below:

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0V3RKILL avatarShriven avatarMighty Gaz avatarxNuke avatar
0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

rising storm 2 is the only multiplayer game that matters to me this time around. Oh and titanfall. At least they aren't as much of a clusterf^&*(

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

Jebus....not more... This is the legacy Team Fortress has created. And, its spinning in its grave! ITS GRAVE I SAY!

Mighty Gaz Avatar
1 Year ago

and all these people who are complaining so loudly will buy it, and play it, for many hours, while complaining about it.

when did gamers get to be such a bunch of entitled morons?

xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

This game looks like something an indie dev made. Multiplayer surely will be a 'clusterf**k'. It looks fun in trailers, but will probably suck like every CoD since MW.

I really really hope they make MW remastered available as standalone. I don't want that IW crap in my steam library.