CoD: Infinite Warfare casts Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington as the big bad guy

Kit Harrington

We already knew CoD: Infinite Warfare was shooting for the stars, but now it turns out Kit Harington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) will be playing the game’s main antagonist. And if that wasn’t enough, Snatch director Guy Ritchie has also been lending a helping hand.

It’s been a while since there’s been a CoD worthy of being in our best FPS list, but maybe this will be the one.

“Kit is an amazing talent and the consummate pro,” says Taylor Kurosaki, narrative director, Infinity Ward. “Our story is about an epic showdown of opposing forces and Kit immersed himself into the role and truly became the embodiment of the enemy, the Settlement Defense Front. We can’t wait for fans to see Kit play an entirely different kind of character.”

According to the press release, director Guy Ritchie also helped out in an advisory role, following his helming of Black Ops 2’s live-action trailer ‘Surprise”. You know, this one:

“Guy Ritchie is a friend of the franchise, so it was great to have him back to work with us, assisting in bringing Kit Harington’s character to life in Infinite Warfare,” explains Dave Stohl, studio head, Infinity Ward.

“It meant a lot to us to develop the role into everything it could be. We’re excited about the performance Kit delivered and can’t wait to get it out to the public. We’re committed to delivering a compelling story with rich character depth and this was a special opportunity to add to our fantastic cast.”

“Gathering this level of talent together for this role speaks to our studio partner’s drive to deliver a powerful narrative in Call of Duty,” adds Tim Ellis, chief marketing officer, Activision. “We challenge ourselves to constantly be fresh and expansive in creating gripping, immersive experiences that are exciting to play for our fans every year.”

You can see Kit Harington in a tight mocap suit in this Infinite Warfare set tease video.