Respawn no more – COD: Infinite Warfare has an unlockable ‘YOLO’ permadeath mode


Think you’re good at COD? You can now prove it by beating Infinite Warfare’s ultra hard Specialist Mode, which itself unlocks an ever harder mode where death is the end. Yes, in the new YOLO mode, you’ll be thrown right back to the start if you die. Streamers are going to have a great time.

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Over on the Activision blog, the publisher laid out all the different ways you can play the upcoming sci-fi shooter, from the Zombies mode to the single-player and its optional side-missions.

To unlock YOLO mode, you’ll first have to beat Specialist mode, which itself is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty.

In this mode you can only heal with Nano Shots, and there is no health regeneration. Additionally, headshots will kill you if you’re not wearing a helmet. If you are wearing one, you’ll need to replace it when it’s damaged.

If you get shot in the legs, it will impact your movement. If you get shot in either arm, it will impact your ability to use equipment or aim down sights. Your weapon can even be shot out of your hands.

Making matters worse, both Nano Shots and helmets take up equipment slots, so you’ll need to remember to take some spares along before each mission.

To beat this mode, you’ll need to approach levels like you’re playing Rainbow Six, peeking around corners and making progress carefully, not trying to pull off zero-G 360 no-scopes.

Once you’ve hammered that, then you’ll truly be ready for YOLO mode. Head to the Activision Blog for single-player, multiplayer and Zombie mode tips.