Best quickscope class in Modern Warfare 2

Being able to quickscope effectively can make for some huge highlight plays, so here is the best class setup for quickscoping in MW2

Best quickscope class in Modern Warfare 2: a soldier cradles a sniper rifle in their arms

Knowing the best quickscope class Modern Warfare 2 can elevate your montages and push your KD through the roof, as long as you’re set up correctly. Nobody will be able to touch you once your class is set, as you’ll have ultra-fast ADS time, sprint to fire speeds, and huge one-shot kill potential.

The act of quickscoping refers to a player aiming down sights with a sniper rifle and firing almost instantaneously. The weapon centres on the crosshair a few milliseconds after you ADS, and although the screen may seem to be obscured, you’ll know the bullet is going straight down the middle of your display. It’s perhaps the flashiest of Modern Warfare 2 plays, so here’s how to set yourself up to get some of those highlights.

The best class for quickscoping in Modern Warfare 2

Traditionally, quickscoping has been reserved for sniper rifles only, but with the best Modern Warfare 2 marksman rifles absolutely dominating multiplayer right now, it would be silly not to utilise their damage and speed. For this setup, we’re going to be using a variation on the best SP-R 208 loadout – a rifle that already has extremely quick ADS speed and can down an opponent with a single shot to the torso or head.

Best quickscope class in Modern Warfare 2: a full loadout setup in MW2

Best quickscope loadout

The best loadout attachments for quickscoping are:

  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Optic: SP-X 80 6.6x
  • Stock: ZRL T70 Pad Extension
  • Comb: Aim-Assist 406
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt

The idea behind nearly every one of these attachments is to increase ADS speed and sprint to fire speed where possible. The FSS OLE-V thankfully does both, with the only drawback being a laser that’s visible while aiming down your sights – not a problem when that only occurs for a few milliseconds each time you take a shot.

The SP-X 80 6.6x scope gives is a large sight picture and a clear reticle. The optic can be altered to fit your personal preference, but the SP-X 80 offers two magnification settings, so you’ll be able to adapt if the situation extends beyond quickscope range.

The ARL T70 Pad Extension further reduces the sniper’s ADS time, while also increasing its overall sprint speed. The name of the game with quickscoping is speed, so this is a vital addition that could pay dividends in a close fight. The only drawback with the ARL T70 is a reduction in recoil control, which isn’t something to be concerned with bolt action rifles as they recenter after each individual shot.

For even further reductions to both ADS speed and sprint to fire speed, we’re going to add the Aim-Assist 406 comb. This attachment brings the ADS time down to a few milliseconds, with the only drawback being aiming stability and aim walking speed reductions, neither of which concern us. Quickscoping means you’ll be spending little time aiming down the sights of your weapon.

Lastly, the FSS ST87 Bolt enables the cycling of new rounds into the chamber much faster than the standard setup. It keeps the rate of fire on par with the ADS speed and helps when taking on multiple opponents at once.

Best quickscope class in Modern Warfare 2: a sniper aims down their sights at an enemy

Best quickscope equipment

Here are the best pieces of equipment when quickscoping in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Proximity mine
  • Snapshot grenade

The length of your gunfights is going to be incredibly short due to the fact that your enemies will be dead in an instant. This equipment set has been carefully picked to prepare traps for the opposing team. Throw the proximity mines in high-traffic areas to mop up some extra kills, and use the snapshot grenades when pushing an objective or an enclosed space.

Best quickscope perks

Here are the best perks to use when quickscoping in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Double Time
  • Fast Hands
  • High Alert

The Double Time perk allows you to sprint for much longer around the map, whether you want to take enemies by surprise or run directly to cover. Pair Double Time with High Alert to execute anyone who aims at you. We’ve also included Fast Hands to keep you in the fight as long as possible, never having to retreat to reload.

Best quickscope killstreaks

Here are the best killstreaks to equip when quickscoping in Modern Warfare 2:

  • UAV
  • Counter-UAV
  • Sentry Gun

All three of these killstreaks are automated, meaning that once they’re activated, you can forget about them. The combination of UAV and Counter-UAV blinds the enemy team while supplying your squad with the information needed to win the match. Meanwhile, your opponents will be too distracted by your sentry gun to effectively defend against anything else.

There you have the best quickscope loadout and perks in Modern Warfare 2. While the SP-R 208 is easily one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2, it may also be worth checking out the best sniper rifles, too, if you’re looking to add a little range to the proceedings. MW2 is one of the best PC games released this year, especially if you’ve gaming is tilted more towards the multiplayer end of the spectrum, and there’s never been a better time to jump in, with the Season 1 Reloaded update going strong.