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Best MW2 SO-14 loadout

Strike foes from a distance with the best MW2 SO-14 loadout and learn why you only need a couple of attachments to achieve peak efficiency.

Best Modern Warfare 2 S0-14 loadout: the S0-14 battle rifle inside a carrying case mould.

Wondering what the best MW2 SO-14 loadout is? Making the best SO-14 loadout is simple, but if you want to be effective with the gun, you need to familiarise yourself with the alternative fire button. You’ll want to fire fully automatic at close and medium range before switching to semi-automatic for long-range encounters. Just make sure you switch back to full auto afterwards.

To configure the best MW2 SO-14 loadout, you should focus on improving its overall accuracy and recoil control. You don’t need to equip many attachments at the MW2 gunsmith, and the big risk is that you negatively affect the default stats too much, such as by reducing the number of rounds in the magazine. Since we don’t want to go overboard, here are two Modern Warfare 2 attachments we think you should equip to this MW2 gun.

The best MW2 SO-14 loadout is:

  • Muzzle: Echoline GS-X
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser

You don’t actually need to add many attachments to make the SO-14 a viable weapon in multiplayer. The Echoline GS-X muzzle attachment decreases both damage range and aiming stability while also negatively affecting aim down sight speed and aim walking speed. However, you receive sound suppression to keep your shots off the minimap, improved recoil control, and recoil smoothness.

Meanwhile, the FSS OLE-V Laser helps mitigate the handling issues created by the muzzle by giving you increased aim down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed.

This is one of the few MW2 battle rifles in the multiplayer game right now, and it’s one worth experimenting with. While the TAQ-V is more of an assault rifle, the SO-14 excels at long-range encounters, similar to a marksman rifle. Combining these attachments in the FPS game, along with the best Modern Warfare 2 perks will ensure that you get some wins.