Modern Warfare 2 bug sees ping disabled after FPS ‘wallhack’ concerns

A Modern Warfare 2 bug has seen the ping system disabled in the newest Call of Duty FPS game, as it was giving players 'wallhacks' for full multiplayer matches

Modern Warfare 2 bug sees ping disabled after FPS ‘wallhack’ concerns: operator skin for soap in the MW2 multiplayer

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is finally out, and while it looks like an incredible return to form for Call of Duty from what I’ve played of the FPS game so far there are still some Modern Warfare 2 bugs and glitches making the rounds. In fact, one fairly major glitch that essentially allows you to do wall hacks for an entire match appears to have seen Infinity Ward disable the ping system altogether, for the time being.

At time of writing we’ve tried using the ping system on PC in the multiplayer game and it hasn’t worked (or PlayStation, with pings available in private matches but not in public), which suggests that Infinity Ward has disabled this feature in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer while a fix for the glitch is implemented. Even the best Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks couldn’t save you from this one.

Basically, if you pinged an enemy player on any of the Modern Warfare 2 maps while you’re seeing your own death screen, that ping lasts the whole game and shows you the exact location of the enemy player you marked. For lack of a better term, this gives you in-game ‘wall hacks’ as you can see the enemy’s position through walls and across the map for the duration of the match.

We’ve reached out to Activision regarding the Modern Warfare 2 ping wall hack glitch, and will update this story when we receive a response. In the meantime it’s probably worth keeping an eye on the social channels for Infinity Ward and Call of Duty to see if the ping system is addressed there instead. Fingers crossed everything is fixed before the Modern Warfare 2 season 1 release date.

A video on Reddit shows the wall hack glitch in action, with many players saying at the time that it was still happening in games they were playing. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on PC yesterday (launch day) and had a few instances of what I thought were cheaters following me through their sights before I’d even rounded a corner, but it may have been this Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer ping glitch.

Interestingly it was later during the same play session that I discovered I couldn’t see teammate pings or make my own, so it appears that Infinity Ward has disabled pings sometime on launch day to prevent the problem altogether.

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