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Modern Warfare 2 campaign length detailed

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign length is one of the hardest to estimate in the series to date, with many missions that take over half an hour to beat

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Battling through the main story and wondering what the overall Modern Warfare 2 campaign length is? This year’s entry certainly makes predicting that difficult, as the variety of missions means you often go from a 5-minute sprint in a very linear level to a miniature stealth sandbox that can take nearly an hour to clear.

If you’re just after the complete list of Modern Warfare 2 missions or the campaign rewards then check out our specific guides for those. Below we’ll break down our campaign playthrough to give you a rough idea of how long the Modern Warfare 2 campaign length is in hours.

How long is Modern Warfare 2’s campaign?

So far, two of us have beaten the story and the Modern Warfare 2 campaign is roughly 6-8 hours long. You can expect a playthrough on the lowest difficulty setting with minimal attention paid to achievements or perfect stealth to clock in at six hours. For the eight-hour campaign playthrough, we played on regular and took a slightly more careful approach.

That’s a very average Call of Duty campaign length, but it’s worth highlighting that there’s much more scope for replayability in Modern Warfare 2 than in previous games.

In terms of missions, there are a few wide-open sandbox-style levels that can take a long time to beat, including Recon by Fire, Alone, and El Sin Nombre. These are stealth missions by default, so if you want to do them perfectly then it can take nearly an hour to beat each one, but if you’re happy to fumble through and make some clumsy errors then you can clear them in roughly half an hour each.

And that’s your lot, our average Modern Warfare 2 campaign length detailed. You can check out our rankings of the best Call of Duty campaigns to see how you’d place MW2’s story, or if you’re still working through the story then we’ve got guides on the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes and a summary of the Modern Warfare 2 ending, in case all the explosions distracted you from any of the plot beats.