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How to inspect weapon in Modern Warfare 2

Knowing how to inspect your weapon in Modern Warfare 2 lets you get a closer look at your camo or blueprint, because all that work earning it is for you, too

how to Modern Warfare 2 inspect weapon: operator inspects Cinder Icarus in the sun

Want to know how to inspect weapon in Modern Warfare 2 in case you get a moment to yourself between kills? If you do, this simple technique performs an animation allowing you to check out just how gorgeous your loadout looks. After all, it’s one thing showing off to your squadmates and enemies, but you didn’t go to all that effort earning camos for them, did you?

With more ways than ever to customise your best Modern Warfare 2 guns in the FPS game, you might have seen videos all over the internet showcasing various mastery camos, with the operator taking a breather to inspect their weapon in between kills. If you’re wondering how to do this in the multiplayer game yourself, it’s pretty straightforward. Just make sure you’re not in someone’s sights when you do it.

How to inspect weapon in Modern Warfare 2

It’s actually very simple to inspect your gun in Modern Warfare 2 on PC. During a match, simply hit the ‘I’ button (unless you’ve changed your keybinds) – I for Inspect, you see. Upon doing so, your chosen Modern Warfare 2 operator will start moving their currently equipped gun around, taking in each and every angle. But don’t worry, spot an enemy mid-animation, and moving will snap you out of it and put you right back into the action. If you’re playing with a controller, hold down left on the d-pad.

Now you know how to show off for yourself, as well as everyone else, get into that Modern Warfare Gunsmith, and customise your favourite weapons to within an inch of their lives. While you’re in the gunsmith, why not consider our best Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout to show off that Cinder FJX Vault Edition blueprint or the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper – and perhaps you’ll be the one to catch someone off guard as they take a look at their own hard-earned camo.