Modern Warfare 2 leak hints at return of Zombies-like Infected mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 leaks reveal the possible return of Infected, the party game mode where you fight to turn your opponents into zombies

Captain Price from Modern Warfare 2 looking at the camera

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 leaks are still coming, as datamining of the mobile version of Warzone reveals new field upgrades, maps for CoD 2024, and now, potentially, the return of the Zombies-like party game mode Infected.

Reality, a UK-based dataminer who has so far leaked supposed details of a buff called battle rage, and a Rainbow Six: Siege-style reviving gun called the stimpistol, has now uncovered a logo from the Warzone mobile archives that seems to suggest a comeback for the fan-favourite Infected mode. You can see it for yourself, but it’s a gas mask layered on top of the biohazard warning symbol – if that doesn’t scream “infection”, we don’t know what does.

Infected last appeared in the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare, and sees one player begin the game as the eponymous, zombie germ spreader, who then has to kill other players to convert them to the infected team. The game ends when all the survivors have been infected, or the timer runs down. Neither Black Ops: Cold War, nor Call of Duty: Vanguard featured the Infected mode, but with Infinity Ward back on development duty for Modern Warfare 2, after helming the original Modern Warfare reboot, it’s possible Infected could be making a comeback.

Then again, as with all leaks, we have to take this one with a veritable handful of salt – the logo discovered by Reality could be for something else entirely, or it may be that Infected doesn’t launch with Modern Warfare 2, and is only added in a later update. Nevertheless, we can dare to dream, and in the meantime, scratch the flaky, oozing, infection itch with some of the other best zombie games on PC right now.