How to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 M13B

One of the best assault rifles in MW1 and Warzone is back, so here's how to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 M13B when it arrives halfway through Season 1

Best Modern Warfare 2 M13B loadout: side view of the assault rifle with no attachments

You’ll want to know how to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 M13B assault rifle as it’s long been regarded as one of the best weapons in both MW 2019 and Warzone 1. Its best attributes are its fast rate of fire and very low recoil, and while it can suffer from damage dropoff over long ranges, a few attachments can make it very effective beyond mid-range combat. The low recoil and fast rate of fire are particularly helpful in Warzone, where the number of shots you can reliably land matters more than any theoretical TTK stats.

The M13B is arriving in Modern Warfare 2 as part of the upcoming mid-season update. Unlike the Victus XMR and BAS-P, which can be found in the Modern Warfare 2 battle pass, the M13B requires either in-store purchases or a specific gameplay challenge to unlock.

When it arrives, the M13B will fall into the same weapon platform as the BAS-P, which is the new Bruen Ops platform. The other mid-season arrival, Chimera, is also in the Bruen Ops weapon platform.

How to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 M13B

To unlock the M13B you need to either buy a store bundle with an M13B blueprint in it or complete a specific gameplay challenge – which will be revealed closer to the gun’s release.

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We’ll update this guide as soon as the M13B is out and we know the criteria for the unlock challenge. Expect a complete, tested Modern Warfare 2 M13B loadout when that day comes, plus tips for completing the unlock challenge as quickly as possible.