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How to get a nuke in Modern Warfare 2

Getting a Modern Warfare 2 nuke, also known as mass guided bombs, is no mean feat, but when you do call one in, you win the match by default

Modern Warfare 2 nuke: A soldier with a Canadian patch on his chest carrying a gun

Back in the day, if you got a Modern Warfare 2 nuke, you were the envy of all your friends and foes alike. It required 25 kills without dying, so it was arguably the biggest flex you could pull on everyone else in your lobby in the multiplayer game. As it turns out, nukes are back in the 2022 version of the FPS game, but they’re instead known as mass guided bombs, or MGB for short.

Just like before, when you earn an MGB killstreak, it ends the match and your team wins. There’s a ten-second countdown warning everyone in the match that the game will be finishing early, and if you look to the sky, you can see the slow moving plane drop the bombs towards the ground. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Modern Warfare 2 nuke.

Modern Warfare 2 nuke: The MGB warning before the match ends

Modern Warfare 2 nuke details

If it was 25 kills for a nuke before, is it the same again? Unfortunately not – in 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, you need to get 30 kills for a nuke. On the plus side, much like last time, this is a hidden killstreak, so you don’t need to replace one of your standard, easier-to-earn weapons of mass destruction.

While playing the objective for your team is recommended rather than going solo, if you do decide to focus exclusively on kills to earn a nuke, you can still contribute towards winning the match. Kills earned by your other killstreaks haven’t contributed to nukes in previous Call of Duty games, but that may change this time around – we’ll update this to confirm as soon as we know for definite. If it is the same as previous games, it means you’ll need to get 30 kills without dying through either your guns, lethals, or melee attacks only.

Now you know everything there is to know about getting a nuke in Modern Warfare 2, make sure you’re using our guide to the best guns, because they’ll certainly come in handy in getting this game-ending weapon of mass destruction. And equipping the best perks should help, too. Alternatively, read up on our guide to all the Modern Warfare 2 maps to get caught up with every locale in multiplayer.