Classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map Rust appears in new CoD

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map Rust, a true classic from the Infinity Ward FPS game, has been spotted in the latest CoD multiplayer ahead of Warzone 2

Classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map Rust appears in new CoD. A cartel member points a gun at you in CoD Modern Warfare 2

28/10/22 Players have been able to reach the Rust-inspired area inside the Ground War version of the Taraq map, leading to further speculation it may be included later in Modern Warfare 2’s lifespan as a 6v6 arena.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 maps don’t come much more beloved than Rust, the fast-paced, close-quarters kill fest from the original 2009 Infinity Ward FPS game, and with Modern Warfare 2 2022 now finally available, CoD Reddit thinks it’s spotted the iconic arena in Activision’s latest shooter, with more classic maps supposedly coming to Warzone 2.

With its tall tower in the centre, long, jagged dust chute, and corrugated metal panels, you can’t miss Rust, and one Cod Reddit fan reckons they’ve spotted it hidden in the 32v32 version of Taraq.

don’t know how nobody spotted rust yet but here’s rust in the game from ModernWarfareII

It looks, admittedly, less rusty than before, but tucked away in the background, it seems to hint that Rust might be making an appearance, alongside all the new Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks, as a potential 6v6 map later down the line.

Other maps from the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 seem to be making cameo appearances in the gigantic Az Mazrah arena in the upcoming Warzone 2, with POIs like airport, quarry, and Sa’id City seemingly hinting at Terminal, Quarry, and High Rise respectively. With this potentially sneak appearance in Taraq, it’s possible that Rust might get added as a 6v6 later in Modern Warfare 2 as well. It’s not confirmed, but we have to admit, it certainly looks like Rust — with all those memories of late 2009 nights, trying and failing to get a 360 no scope with the Intervention, all we can do is hope.

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