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Modern Warfare 2 spec ops intel locations

If you're hunting down all 60 pieces of Modern Warfare 2 spec ops intel for the SSE achievement or the rare blueprint, we've got you covered

Looking for the 60 pieces of Modern Warfare 2 spec ops intel? Hidden across the three spec ops missions – some in obvious spots, others infuriatingly tricky to locate – are 60 pieces of intel, which you’ll want to collect if you’re a completionist and want to grab one of the FPS game’s rarest revolver blueprints, plus a calling card and emblem. It’s also a challenge you’ll want to chip away at if you want the Full SSE achievement or trophy – you’ll only need 20 pieces, so no need to get the lot.

As Modern Warfare 2 has only just been released, the full list of 60 remains elusive, but we’ve found the first 20 pieces so you can claim the emblem and Full SSE trophy for yourself. Nothing to hold budding platinum hunters back.

Here is the Modern Warfare 2 spec ops intel we’ve found so far in the multiplayer game:

Modern Warfare 2 spec ops intel: Low Profile map

Low Profile – 14/20 intel fragments

There are eight locations to visit on this run, and you can claim 14 out of a presumed 20 pieces.

Intel fragments 1-2
This building contains 2 intel fragments upstairs plus a desk key that you can use two buildings later.

Intel fragments 3-5
This building has 3 intel fragments. Two downstairs, and one upstairs.

Intel fragment 6
The desk key can be used on a drawer downstairs by whoever picked up the key in the first place. Inside is a dossier of intel.

Intel fragments 7-10
The first is on a building overlooking the B objective, climb up the ladder and look for a wooden crate. Intel fragments 8, 9, and 10 and in the B building – we suggest clearing the area completely as the building is loaded with traps. There are two in the central rooms downstairs, and one on a table upstairs.

Intel fragments 11-13
Start by heading up the ladder on the right of the archway, as you’re facing the objective building. You’ll find the intel crate on the roof. Then head to the objective building to find one on an operations desk downstairs and then head around the back of the building, climb the ladder and grab intel fragment 13 on the roof.

Intel fragment 14
This is easy to grab while you’re heading towards the exfil point. Look for the set of buildings before the valley and on the other side of the half-wall, you’ll find an intel crate.

Modern Warfare 2 spec ops intel: Denied Ops map

Denied Area – 7/20 intel fragments

The easiest intel fragments to grab around Denied Area are close to the core objectives.

Intel fragments 1-2
Head tight left around the main, lit entrance and you’ll find some intel on a desk under some tarp. Then, cross over the courtyard where the SAM turret is and you’ll find the next intel fragment in a small shed on a tiny stool.

Intel fragment 3
This intel fragment is at SAM site D, just towards the back of the turret itself.

Intel fragments 4-5
Located at SAM site B, the first intel fragment is in an ammo cache right next to the turret, while the second intel fragment is at the foot of a watchtower overlooking the turret.

Intel fragments 6-7
There are two more intel fragments located near SAM site C. The first is in the large building closest to the road as you enter. Go up the stairs and look for a dresser with a TV on it. The second is in an ammo shack just on the opposite side of the courtyard, past the turret.

And there you have it, the first 20 Modern Warfare spec ops intel fragments to help you get closer to that platinum trophy. For more help, we’ve got a Modern Warfare 2 achievements guide, which includes all the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes, an El Sin Nombre walkthrough, and how to kill the enemy in the porta-potty. Thankfully, most of these aren’t too difficult, and we’re glad to see that the spec ops star challenges are pretty easy.