Modern Warfare 2 Tarkov mode spotted in NFL multiplayer leak

NFL pros from LA Rams including Cameron Dicker and Quentin Lake leak Modern Warfare 2 Tarkov mode DMZ alongside gameplay and menu screenshots from the FPS game

Modern Warfare 2 Tarkov mode NFL leak - Captain Price emerges from underwater

It appears that the Modern Warfare 2 Tarkov mode DMZ has been confirmed for the FPS game following an NFL preview event. A tiny snippet of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay and screenshots of its menus have also been leaked by professional American football players checking out the upcoming game. Cameron Dicker and Quentin Lake of the LA Rams both posted the ‘CoD partner’ event to social media after apparently trying out the multiplayer game.

Charlie Intel shared the menu images from Dicker and the brief gameplay clip from Lake, which were soon removed from the players’ feeds and replaced with more generic logo screenshots. Most interestingly, another screenshot seemingly shared from the same event also appears to confirm the existence of DMZ – a previously-rumoured mode understood to be Call of Duty’s take on Escape from Tarkov.

While it has been heavily rumoured, DMZ hasn’t yet been officially confirmed by Activision, so if the screenshot is legitimate then this represents the most concrete evidence so far for the mode’s existence. The recent report on DMZ suggests that the mode will be officially revealed in August, so perhaps we’ll see it in action soon.

It’s likely that the players were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to getting their hands on the game, but it isn’t uncommon for celebrities and sports people caught up in the hype of a preview event to slip up and give away more than they should. Recently, an MMA fighter posted screenshots of unreleased JRPG game Yakuza 8 after visiting the development studio.

If you want Modern Warfare 2 beta access, you can watch the CDL tournament for a chance to get your hands on a code. Meanwhile, Sony recently claimed that Call of Duty has no rival in the wake of the ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.