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COD Modern Warfare Remastered gets four new maps for $14.99, here’s a shouty trailer


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting a new map pack soon, which will add four classic maps to the game with all-new textures and lighting. It will also contain ten rare supply drops.

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The four maps are the ghillie suit-friendly Creek, neon-soaked Chinatown, SAS training room Killhouse, and abandoned TV station Broadcast.

You can get a feel for the new maps in the trailer above, which should also satisfy your daily quota of men shouting things like “contact” and “flash out” at each other. Prices aren’t mentioned, but themap pack costs $14.99on the PlayStation store. It also contains ten rare supply drops, which the trailer says is equal to $20 worth of bonus content.

It’s coming to PlayStation 4 first as part of Activision’s deal with Sony, which grants their console 30 days of exclusivity for new content. Presumably then, the new maps will come to PC on or around April 21, but that’s just a guess.