Call of Duty 2022 tease hints at Modern Warfare 2 reveal

It looks like Ghost is returning, as seen in this new Call of Duty 2022 tease that suggests Modern Warfare 2 could be revealed as soon as later this month

Ghost is central to the Call of Duty 2022 tease for Modern Warfare 2

A new Call of Duty 2022 tease from the FPS game series’ creators Infinity Ward hints that something is coming very soon – with Call of Duty leaks suggesting that a Modern Warfare II reveal is coming as soon as this month.

Earlier this year, Activision confirmed that Call of Duty creators Infinity Ward is making the next game in the shooter series for release this year, most likely in November. This is strongly rumoured to be a new entry in the Modern Warfare series and the sequel to the 2019 game, and may even be given the confusing title of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

This weekend, Infinity Ward changed the background on its Twitter account to what seems to be a solid black colour – except, when fans brightened up this banner it revealed what looks like Ghost from the Modern Warfare series. It was previously rumoured that this character would make a return, and this seems to confirm it.

You can check out what appears to be the iconic skull mask of Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley in the tweet below.

As for when the new Modern Warfare reveal is happening, leaker RalphsValve suggests that April 30 is the date Activision has set for the announcement – so it’s possible we’ll hear about Call of Duty 2022 as soon as next week.

It’s not the only Call of Duty on the way, either, as Warzone 2 is reported to arrive in 2023 – which is good, because the series may otherwise skip next year if those reports are accurate.