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Get murdered by chairs in Modern Warfare

Two ordinary looking desk chairs hide a deadly secret in Modern Warfare's St. Petrograd map

If you’re dealing with the problem of staying alive too long in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer right now, there’s some office furniture in one of the multiplayer maps that can help you out. A pair of desk chairs in a St. Petrograd office building are ready and willing to murder you, without the help of the enemy team.

Redditor u/dfblh54 shares a video showing the murderchairs in action. On the St. Petrograd map, you can run inside one of the various office buildings to find a reception area, with a U-shaped desk commanding a view of the lobby. Leap over the desk to find a matching set of modern office desk chairs – the kind you might find at Staples – lined up and ready for sitting.

In the video, the player uses a combat knife, but it’s possible that any melee attack will work here. What you want to do – presuming you want to ignominiously die – is strike the chair to the left (as you’re looking out over the desk). That should get it spinning, and if you do it just right, it’s curtains for you.

Here’s the clip:

You can commit death on the spinny chairs on St. Petrograd from modernwarfare

Obviously, this isn’t the most useful of pro-tips, but you have to admit it’s pretty funny – I also like the phrasing of “you can commit death.” Perhaps more practical for Modern Warfare players, though, is our guide to leveling up the new Modern Warfare battle pass, or the latest info about how footfalls have changed in the latest patch.

For now, though, the moral of the story is that ergonomics in the workplace are extremely important, even for high-speed operator types.