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Looks like CoD: Modern Warfare will have cross-save

Looks like the game is already letting players take progression with them across platforms

Back in August Activison confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would have cross-play – so you and your non-PC playing pals could take on some matches together across platforms. Now, it looks like this could go even further – the game might also feature cross-saves across consoles and PC.

According to GameSpot, it appears that players trying out the beta are saying that the progress they’ve gained on one platform can move with them to another. Apparently, this works if players connect their PSN, Xbox Live, and Battle.net accounts to a Modern Warfare account (the same one) – their save progress is accessible across them.

Gamespot reveals that this does indeed seem to be a real, working thing – the site’s found that the (now live) Xbox One beta has kept all of the progress – levels, gear, and more – made previously during the Playstation 4 beta. That’s pretty awesome, and an exciting sign for fans of the game as it’s not often titles offer this degree of power to roam across systems and keep all your goodies.

It’s not officially announced that cross-saves are a part of CoD: Modern Warfare by Activision, and it’s also not clear whether this feature the site appears to have discovered will also work across PC-console play. Site CharlieIntel reports that developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision have said they’re just “exploring” the concept of cross-saves, so it’s not confirmed, but it looks like the devs might have already got it working to some degree, at least.

It’s also important to note that this version of the game is the beta, not the final version, so whether cross-saves will be a part of the finished game is also not clear – but it looks pretty exciting based on what seems to be happening so far.

We’ve reached out to Activision for confirmation of cross-saves in the game, and will update this story with any new information.