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Activision has a prewritten sick note if you’re trying to skip work for Modern Warfare

The devs know you need a day off on day one

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is officially out today, but we’re still in office hours across many parts of the world. (Yes, hello, it’s me, I’m at work.) Maybe you had the foresight to schedule some vacation time to spend the day with the latest in the venerable series of FPS games, but if not, Activision has you covered with a prewritten sick note.

And by ‘sick note,’ I mean ‘order to engage in classified military activity.’ The note says “I am writing to advise [BLANK] is to be relieved of all current duties commencing 0001 hours on October 25. The circumstances of their absence are of a highly classified nature, hence should not be subject to questioning due to the sensitivity of activities during the aforementioned time period.

“Their contribution to the task at hand is of International Importance. You may overhear them discussing preparations for their time away, and we advise that you do not engage. Please disregard terminology ‘loadout,’ ‘sesh,’ ‘we on,’ ‘no scope,’ and ‘them Ws.’ As a citizen, this is none of your concern.”

In a beautiful touch, the note is signed by Colin O’Duty.

You can get it on proper letterhead above if you need to make use of this excusing power.

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