Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch changes footsteps yet again

CoD: MW's latest patch changes footsteps yet again

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare CPU performance

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update has landed and with it some more changes to the FPS game’s footsteps feature. Among other new content, like the return of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps Vacant and Shipment, and new CoD Operator Nikto, the footsteps audio sees various adjustments.

The latest patch notes posted by developer Infinity Ward tweak the feature on three fronts. First up, the developer has reduced the “audible range of third-person footsteps,” increased the “occlusion” on them – so, boosted the effectiveness of walls and other solid objects in blocking the sound of footsteps – and “adjusted various foley sounds that played at a larger range than footsteps during ADS/crouch movements.”

This follows some secret notes included in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch details earlier this year which, on the topic of some changes to footsteps audio made in that previous update, said: “This is a hot topic in the community, and this is not the change that they were hoping to see. Our core players want to see footstep volume dramatically reduced.” It looks like Infinity Ward has now delivered some changes along these lines in this latest patch.

Judging by comments posted under the notes so far, it looks like the footsteps changes will be welcomed by many of the game’s fans.

If you’re keen to check out what else is in store for the game this patch, check out details of the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update here. There’s a new Deathmatch mode called Cranked and other goodies to try.

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