Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new maps are coming back after “a bit more love”

"We temporarily removed them as they aren't quite ready and need a bit more love before returning"

A solider passes through a hall

Seemingly out of nowhere, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got three new maps last month. Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone have continually got updates and new content to keep them ticking over, but to many, it appeared that Modern Warfare was being left behind. Infinity Ward and Activision didn’t really say anything about the new maps, making it all the more confusing when the two of them disappeared shortly after.

Now, though, Infinity Ward has offered some clarity on the matter. From the looks of things, everything happened as intended though the Drainage and Al-Raab Airbase maps were shortly removed after they launched as they “weren’t quite ready”. Don’t worry – Infinity Ward says the new maps are coming back when after they get some TLC.

“We recently released two new maps to Modern Warfare, Drainage and Al-Raab Airbase, which were available in private matches,” the studio tweets. “We temporarily removed them as they aren’t quite ready and need a bit more love before returning. We’ll update soon on when they’ll be back!”

The third map, Killhouse, meanwhile, remains intact. If you’ve been out of the loop, that one is a small, close-quarters map you may remember from Modern Warfare 4. It launched alongside a 24/7 Killhouse Mosh Pit playlist.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone got heaps of content in the mid-season update, too, alongside a hefty rebalance of 11 weapons. You, uh, might want to look out for Zombies bans, though.

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