Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operators: how to unlock every Operator in the game

All the Coalition and Allegiance Operators and how to unlock them

modern warfare 2019 operators

Want to unlock every Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator? Many CoD fans were concerned that the reveal of Operators meant a return to the Specialists that featured in Black Ops 4. To help you separate fact from fiction, we’ve spoken to the devs to clarify what Modern Warfare Operators are, how they work, and all the Operators revealed so far.

The first we saw of Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 was way back when the pre-orders were announced, revealing three different operators: All Ghillied Up, War pig, and Crew Expendable. Operators have a unique character model, customisation options, character dialogue, and backstory. Unlike the specialists in last year’s Black Ops 4, however, Operators will not have abilities affecting gameplay, but some will call back to classic missions from Call of Duty 4. In addition to their own look, each Modern Warfare Operator has a special execution, so if you walk up to an enemy and hold the melee button you’ll perform a special kill cinematic.

Operators are split between the two different multiplayer factions, Allegiance and Coalition, so below you can see a list of Operators for each side.

How to unlock all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare operators

In order to unlock all of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operators you’ll need to complete a bunch of hidden challenges across the game’s campaign, co-op, and multiplayer. Here’s how to get all Coalition Operators:

Operator Challenge
Thorn Complete the Piccadilly campaign mission
Charly Play 25 public matches
Otter Complete the Operation: Paladin co-op mission
Domino Win five Gunfight matches
Golem Complete the Operation: Headhunter co-op mission
Wyatt Complete the Wolf’s Den campaign mission
D-Day Complete the Hunting Party campaign mission
Alice Complete the Operation Harbinger co-op mission
Raines Rack up 500 kills with LMGs

And here’s how you can unlock every Allegiance Operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

Operator Challenge
Minotaur Get 300 kills with assault rifles in multiplayer
Bale Complete the Into the Furnace campaign mission
Rodion Complete the Operation: Just Reward co-op mission
Azur Complete the Old Comrades campaign mission
Grinch Get 100 headshot kills in multiplayer
Zane Complete all co-op missions
Yegor Complete the Proxy War campaign mission
Kreuger Get 25 finishing moves
Syd Kill five Juggernauts in a co-op mission

Our favourites are definitely Zane and Krueger thanks to some really rather fetching cape physics.