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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Outback Relief pack raises a heap of cash for Australian bushfire aid

The CoD: Modern Warfare Outback Relief pack campaign raises over $1.6m for Australian bushfire relief

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Outback charity campaign is now concluded and it’s raised an enormous sum for the Australian bushfire relief effort. The FPS game’s publisher Activision has announced the Modern Warfare community has raised over $1.6 million through purchasing the in-game Outback Relief DLC pack – and this will go to charity Direct Relief.

In the blog post, Activision thanks the CoD: MW community, saying: “Players and fans worldwide have come together to raise more than $1.6 million dollars through the purchase of the Outback Relief pack. Sales of the pack ended Friday, January 31. These funds will help provide relief toward the devastating bushfires in Australia.”

Direct Relief will administer “100% of the funding directly in Australia to provide relief.” The donation has already helped the organisation to start providing emergency relief in the country, the post says, which has seen devastation caused by spreading bushfires since summer 2019 – some of which are still burning in New South Wales.

“Call of Duty players around the world came together in support of this terrible tragedy,” CoD general manager and executive VP Byron Beede says in the post. “We’re honoured to help in this effort with the funds from the Outback Relief pack. We thank everyone for their generosity, and we look forward to putting this donation into action.”

The Outback Relief pack was re-named from the original Outback pack for the campaign, and includes items such as the Bushranger Operator skin, a koala-shaped charm, a legendary sniper rifle weapon blueprint, and more.

If you’re keen to find out more about the work that Direct Relief does or want to consider donating now sales of the pack are over, head to the organisation’s site here. Activision says 100% of the net proceeds from the pack – including all sales of the existing Outback pack – will be donated.