Modern Warfare is the most-played CoD since Black Ops 2

It's the most successful CoD of the generation

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RTX performance

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched late in October, and by the end of November it had already become the best-selling game of 2019. Today Activision says in a press release that, by player tracking metrics, it’s been the most successful Call of Duty launch of the generation, beating out every one of its predecessors since Black Ops 2.

For the first 50 days since launch, Modern Warfare is on track to generate more hours played, more hours per player, and more average daily players than any CoD since 2012. In pure dollar terms, Modern Warfare sales have reached $1 billion worldwide, up from $600 million just after the game’s launch weekend.

Modern Warfare players have logged 500 million hours in multiplayer in over 300 million matches. While that may seem like a less important metric than pure revenue, the modern industry is intensely focused on engagement metrics – it’s not just about how many games you buy, it’s about how much you play them, and consequently how likely you are to keep spending money in them.

That’s especially true for Modern Warfare, which has ditched the traditional map pack expansions of previous games in favour of a more modern battle pass.

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update adds a host of free content, including new maps, new modes, and new Spec Ops missions, and you can follow that link for details on what to expect.