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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 patch notes - weapon challenges, ‘Jailbreak’, more

Warzone's new in-match events include 'Supply Choppers' - which are basically armoured, flying piñatas

Good news, FPS games fans – the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 release date has now landed, and developer Infinity Ward has posted a big batch of notes revealing what’s in store – and it’s a lot. Along with weapon mastery challenges, balance changes, and other fixes, there are some brand-new in-match events for Warzone, as well as a new contraband contract system.

As revealed in the patch notes on Infinity Ward’s site, the new weapon master challenges unlock once you’ve scored ‘Gold’ for a weapon. There are eight challenges for each weapon – each bringing rewards – and there are four playercards and four emblems to pick up, the post explains.

There’s a series of challenges – such as “kill”, “headshot”, and other types – that you’ll need to beat in a specific order (Gold, Platinum, Damascus, then finally Obsidian), with a “special sticker and playercard” waiting at the end as a prize for finishing all of them, across the 51 weapons.

As for the battle royale game’s new content, the in-match events can occur while you’re in the middle of the fray, sometimes without any notice, and “have an impact on the strategy and approach to gameplay”, the studio says. Only one event type of event will pop up in a given match, from a pool of three types available from Season 4’s launch – ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Fire Sale’, and ‘Supply Chopper’.

First up, Jailbreak. Once this type pops up in-match, all players that have already been eliminated will be put back into the match, giving everyone another chance to chase down victory, even if you were spectating or waiting for a 1v1 Gulag elimination showdown. You’ll get 60 seconds’ notice before the event kicks off, giving you time to go scoop some extra goodies, either for you or your returning pals.

Fire Sale, on the other hand, targets the prices of goods at Warzone buy stations, temporarily discounting them by up to 80%  – or even dishing some out for the low, low price of nothing. Plus, during this event type, bringing back a fallen teammate will be totally free, though Warzone loadout drops won’t be discounted. The sales only last a minute, so be quick.

Lastly, the Supply Choppers event “brings a non-lethal, but heavily armoured helicopter to Verdansk”, which is packed with goodies – if you can take it down. Think of it as basically an armoured, flying piñata. The “high quality” loot hiding inside “includes three UAVS, two armour boxes and munitions boxes, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, and tons of cash at a minimum.” Nice. Again, they’re only around temporarily, so you’ll need to be quick about felling it and collecting its dropped loot.

Here are the rest of the patch notes (via Infinity Ward) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4:


Modern Warfare

  • Barakett Promenade has been added to Ground War!
  • Trench Mosh Pit (2v2)!
  • Scrapyard 24/7!
  • Blueprint Gunfight!


  • Quads
  • Trios
  • Duos
  • Solos
  • Blood Money
  • Warzone Rumble!

Warzone Rumble is a brand-new mode in Warzone. Two teams of 50 players parachute and battle it out in various areas around Verdansk. This mode is high action with custom loadouts, vehicles, and quick respawns.

Modified Special Operations:

  • Just Reward – Veteran
  • Just Reward – Regular


  • Fix for some players not receiving their Season 3 emblem
  • Fixes to help reduce players encountering Error Code 13-71. If you still experience this after today’s update, please reach out to Activision Customer Support
  • Fix for a bug where the Ghost Perk was not hiding players from the Heartbeat Sensor when viewing the Killcam
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to activate a Nuke after getting the appropriate number of kills
  • Fix for a bug where the 4th Operator Mission for Talon, “Complete two Warzone Plunder Matches” was not tracking as intended
  • Fix for an issue where some players could find long wait times when attempting to load into Ground War matches
  • Fix for a bug where neutral Hardpoints were appearing yellow instead of grey
  • Various exploit fixes across multiple maps
  • Fix for the Officer Challenge, “Get 20 kill while crouched” not tracking properly for some players
  • Fixed a bug where the white health regen was triggering on downing other players even if Quick Fix wasn’t equipped
  • Fix for an exploit where players could sometimes call in duplicate UAVs
  • Added new weapon perks to the Specialist Bonus (the bonus earned after getting 8 kills while specialist is active): Frangible-Disabling, Frangible-Wounding, Mo’Money, Recon, Heavy Hitter, FMJ, Presence of Mind
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to perform executions when on some elevated surfaces
  • Fixes to help prevent an issue where players were able to move before the match countdown timer completed
  • Fixes to help prevent against black graphical corruption issues some players were seeing
  • Fix for the “For the Cause” grip tape not appearing properly on the base M4
  • Improved stability fixes for PC
  • Fixes to help prevent issues with voice chat


  • Lowered ammo count for reload warning on belt fed LMG
  • Fixed bug with HDR and Sleight of Hand where reloading would not give ammo to the player


  • Loot Update: New weapons and updated Blueprints! Be on the lookout for the Fennec, CR-56 Amax, Renetti, and more!
  • Fixed a bug where the Recon Contract could spawn inside an Ammo Supply cache, making it unusable
  • After completing the Contraband Mission and calling in the extract helicopter, players could shoot the helicopter without receiving hitmarkers and the helicopter would remain on screen indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to drop their weapon in the Gulag
  • Fix for an exploit where players were able to duplicate Self Revive kits


  • Fix for a bug where a player was stuck in 3rd person gameplay
    Daily Challenges are now displayed alongside Multiplayer and Warzone challenges
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking an Operator skin in Co-Op would not unlock the base skin for that Operator as well
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not end correctly if the last player alive used Team Revive immediately before dying


  • Fix for being able to duplicate the Juggernaut Suit Munition minigun
  • Fix for rare instances of waves not ending properly
  • Fixed an exploit on St. Petrograd where players could fully hide from soldiers behind a bar

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