Shroud says Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is “extremely different”

But it still has "that Call of Duty feel"

Modern Warfare promises some big changes to the Call of Duty formula, grounding the action in a somewhat more realistic, tactical style. You can find a whole lot of details on multiplayer gameplay in our hands-on preview, and broadly we like it a lot – but how do the gameplay changes look to the pros who spend their lives competing in the best FPS games on PC?

“It is extremely different,” Shroud says on the official Twitch stream (via Charlie Intel). “It still has that Call of Duty feel where you run and gun, but they’ve definitely tuned it down. It’s a lot more tactical, and slower-paced. Like scoping in your weapons, the way you can change your weapons. Overall, I’m a fan and I wanted to play it more.”

Shroud is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro, and now one of the most prolific streamers of FPS and battle royale titles on the internet, so his rundown is a solid initial impression of how the game will play at a high level – but it comes off the cuff at a preview event, and we’ll all need a bit more time to see how things shake out for real.

You will have a chance to get your own hand on the game soon enough, as a Modern Warfare open beta is scheduled to begin in September.

Check out details on the Modern Warfare single-player campaign if that’s more your thing (and Shroud’s settings, too) – both sides of CoD promise a major shakeup this year.