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Watch Shroud get eight kills in eight seconds in CoD: Modern Warfare

The former CS:GO pro shredded an entire batch of enemies in no time at all during the recent beta

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Since leaving the CS:GO pro scene, Twitch streamer Shroud has shown off his proficiency across a broad spectrum of titles and genres, from World of Warcraft to Teamfight Tactics. But as his esports experience shows, his true talent is for first-person shooters – and that talent was on display this weekend during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta.

During his stream yesterday (you can watch the relevant clip further down this article), the streamer showed off his skills in what can only be described as a massacre. But while Shroud is best known for his gunplay, this time around he took a somewhat more up-close-and-personal approach.

Carving through an enemy at the beginning of the clip, Shroud – boasting very little health – scurries through the Rail Yard and up a set of stairs, only narrowly missing a Claymore as he does so. From there, the former pro comes across an enemy player, maintaining the element of surprise by finishing them off with a melee kill.

The killing doesn’t end there, however, as that player was hiding out with a whole squad of teammates. Continuing his stealthy approach, four players are dead before anyone can react, and it doesn’t take long before Shroud has bludgeoned all eight of them to death.

Now, admittedly, this might not be the kind of pinpoint accuracy that the streamer has become known for over the years, but I feel like it’s an impressive display of skill in its own right.

After all, you don’t play FPS games at a competitive level for years without getting a pretty good sense of map presence, and you don’t play CS:GO for long without developing a sense of calm when the chips are down.