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DMZ deep-dive details the Warzone 2 mode for “hardcore completionists”

The extraction-based DMZ mode for Call of Duty has been fully detailed ahead of launch, and it's described as a co-op narrative FPS game mode

The Warzone 2 DMZ release date is almost upon us, as the Escape From Tarkov-like extraction mode debuts in Call of Duty alongside its updated take on the battle royale formula. In the leadup developer Infinity Ward has explained exactly what you can expect from the new multiplayer game mode, which aims to combine co-operative play with narrative elements in a giant map.

Apparently the Warzone 2 DMZ mode is built for “hardcore completionists” of FPS games, as there’ll be opportunities for the three-player squads to do Faction Missions, Contracts, World Events, stock up the Stash, help or hinder other squads, and get into locked areas. You’ll be dropping in, choosing how to get your loot, and trying to get that loot out, all of which will impact your Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 progression and play.

You’ll have to manage your stash/inventory while playing DMZ, as you start with one contraband weapon, and one slot for your own custom weapons as well. Contraband weapons, including those carried by opponents, can be exfilled and earned outside of the traditional weapon XP system. Your stash also acts as a sort of bank, with the ability to take certain items and put them in your inventory for your next match, to give you the advantage.

“To get more items, players will have to extract them out of the Exclusion Zone with their Backpack. This will provide an experience for players to complete a ‘supply run’ as an example, in which players can complete a run just to gear up for a future deployment,” explains Infinity Ward.

So, what can you do in DMZ? The main thing is Faction Missions, which are given by PMC groups and offer rewards for your next mission. You’ll start with just one faction ,and unlock the others after completing enough missions. There are also optional missions like contracts, hostage rescues, taking down high value targets, and large-scale world events.

The Warzone 2 circle will also be gone, with players instead condensing with radiation and sandstorms, which Infinity Ward says will give rewards if you find their sources. You’ll get standard rewards like calling cards and double XP tokens for playing, with the ultimate reward being the Modern Warfare 2 season 1 weapon the M13B assault rifle.

You also don’t traditionally ‘win’ a match of DMZ, the goal is to get out with loot – if you don’t, everything except your insured weapon is lost, forever. You can read the full DMZ article on the Infinity Ward website.

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