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How to buy back teammates in Warzone 2

Details on how to buy back teammates in Warzone 2 at Buy Stations, which is handy should your allies find themselves eliminated after the gulag

How to buy back teammates Warzone 2 - a soldier in a ghillie suit aiming a sniper rifle as his teammate approaches an APC in the desert. A helicopter flies overhead.

Knowing how to buy back teammates in Warzone 2 can make all the difference between winning the entire match or getting flanked and eliminated by an opposing squad. The latest battle royale game has lots of new mechanics to spice things up, but using cash to revive your team is one of the more important returning mechanics.

To buy back teammates in Warzone 2, you first need to find a Buy Station that sells the item that allows your allies to return to the battlefield. These show up on the Warzone 2 map as a shopping cart. However, not all Buy Stations have the option for you to bring them back to the multiplayer game, so you may need to perilously hop between each location to find a Buy Station with the correct item. Furthermore, even if the option is there, the vendor’s supply may only let you bring back one or two teammates, so if you’re the only one left, you have a difficult decision about who comes back.

Warzone 2 buy back teammates - a Buy Station in Warzone 2 is open, showing attachments, tools, and some flashbangs.

However, those who use the Buy Station should take care as, unless you’re extremely quick at navigating menus and know the costs off-by-heart, you may leave yourself vulnerable to an enemy ambush. For reference, you need $4,000 to buy back a teammate. The best thing you can do is check very carefully for snipers on nearby rooftops and stick to cover as you approach the Buy Station. With a little bit of luck, the enemy won’t spot you as you sneak in and summon your pals back into the fight.

Now that you know how to buy back teammates in Warzone 2, you have another chance to get that victory. This is just one of the many tactics you can use to win in the battle royale game. While the Gulag is another way to return, some significant changes mean that it’s not guaranteed. If you’re looking for ways to earn more cash to spend on revives, check out the available contracts and see if any of them are feasible.