Warzone 2 DMZ lets you hitch a ride atop the extraction helicopter

The Warzone 2 DMZ mode tasks you with exfiltrating safely to claim contraband guns, and you can hitch a ride on the Call of Duty extraction helicopter for it

Warzone 2 - a figure in a red and grey skull mask sits behind a cannon, a helicopter flying past in the background

The Warzone 2 DMZ mode is already proving one of the most popular additions to the revamped Call of Duty battle royale game inspired by extraction games like Escape from Tarkov. Key to DMZ is that, after picking up some of the best Warzone 2 guns and other valuable items, you’ll need to extract, or ‘exfil’, in order to claim the contraband gear for your stash. Once you’ve secured the items, you’ll have the option to take them out on Warzone 2 DMZ faction missions and other tougher challenges.

As a result, calling in the extraction helicopter becomes a crucial part of DMZ matches. While you can stay and push your luck if you’ve got a good loadout going, it’s often better to call it a day and exfiltrate to safety while the going is good. Once you’re happy with your earnings, the most common way to exfil is to get to one of the exfiltration points, marked on the Warzone 2 map of Al Mazrah with a symbol of a blue man running to a door, and call in a chopper.

It turns out, however, that you don’t actually need to call in your own helicopter to do so – or even get into it the normal way. Warzone 2 streamer ‘ImMarksman’ decided that they didn’t want to wait the 30 seconds for their own helicopter to arrive. Instead, upon spotting another nearby player loading up a DMZ helicopter for exfil, he leaps from above and carefully parachutes onto the cap at the centre of the chopper’s rotors.

To the astonishment of physics fans everywhere – who might have expected ImMarksman to be sucked into the whirling blades or, at the very least, hurled off into a nearby rock formation – this actually works perfectly, allowing them to ride the chopper up and out to a safe extraction. Not only that, but the wonderful Warzone 2 proximity chat feature allows them to chat with the player inside the helicopter as it carries them away.

“You good?” ImMarksman asks of his unwilling chauffeur. “All good – had a good round,” comes the response, prompting ImMarksman to explain, “Yeah, me too man. I’m extracting with you, just – y’know, we’re chilling. We both survived. Good job dude, good luck man, have a good one.” He then cracks up with laughter at the slightly perplexed “Cool, cool” he hears back in response.

You can watch the clip play out below:

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