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Best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout for Season 1 Reloaded

The best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout makes the most of the marksman rifle’s damage range and accuracy to make it a more lightweight alternative to a sniper rifle.

Best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout: The EBR-4 in-game view

To build the best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout, we need to upgrade several key distance-specific stats to create an excellent long-range rifle. Call of Duty’s premier battle royale game features a new map with tall buildings and wide. With plenty of open spaces, having a powerful marksman rifle in your custom loadout will be essential to success and survival.

With this accurate, long-range marksman rifle by your side, you’ll be able to take enemies out at a distance and move about the map swiftly, both of which are crucial traits needed for the free PC game. If you’re curious about how it stacks against the other guns in its weapon class, check out our guide to the best Warzone 2 marksman rifle.

The best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout is:

  • Muzzle: Tempus GH50
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Stock: SO R55 Adapter
  • Optic: Corvus Downrange-00
  • Ammunition: 7.62 Armor Piercing

Both the Tempus GH50 muzzle and FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel provide substantial improvements to the marksman rifle’s recoil control, allowing for more accuracy and quicker refire. However, they also negatively impact the gun’s aim down sight speed, so we’ve added the SO R55 Adapter stock to combat that.

The Corvus Downrange-00 optic also nerfs ADS speed, but it’s worth it for the upgrade in range and accuracy. Finally, we’ve changed the ammunition from standard to 7.62 Armor Piercing bullets in order to upgrade the EBR 14’s damage range, accuracy, and recoil control.

That’s everything we have for the best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout. We’d still recommend a sniper support weapon for those close-range shootouts, so take a look at the best Warzone 2 SMG to take into the FPS game with the EBR-14. If you’re partial to switching up your weapon class, be sure to read our guide to the best Warzone 2 guns, as well as the best Warzone 2 loadout you can find in the Warzone 2 Strongholds and Black Sites scattered across Al Mazrah.