How Warzone 2 interrogation works

The new Warzone 2 interrogation mechanic allows you to shake important information out of your defeated opponents, but you need to know how it works first

Warzone 2 itnerrogation: an operator is interrogated as a scan completes on a device

Warzone 2 interrogation is a new feature in the battle royale game which allows you to make the most of your downed opponents. Alongside third-party playlists and an all-new storm collapse, this new mechanic changes the face of the game when the Warzone 2 release date lands. Using interrogation on your opponent will reveal vital intel in both Warzone and DMZ modes, giving you a headstart on any other enemies coming your way. So just how does Warzone 2 interrogation work?

What is Warzone 2 Interrogation?

There’s that painful moment (for the losing party) in team battle royales between life and death when you’ve been downed but not yet out, as you cannot shoot back anymore. Bleeding out, you’re simply awaiting death. If you’re lucky, someone may revive you. In Warzone 2, interrogation has worsened that moment – at least if you’re on the receiving end.

Now, approaching a downed opponent in the FPS game triggers the interrogation option, allowing you to threaten an opponent as they bleed out by holding a knife to their throat. After a few seconds, the device you have will triangulate their teammates’ locations, pinging them on your minimap – a mechanic you might recognise from other battle royale games such as Fortnite. This makes it easier to avoid any would-be avengers and take entire teams out of the running. Interrogation only works on player-controlled enemies and can’t be used to reveal other AI combatants – presumably because they won’t enter a downed state.

Interrogation is not the only new feature in the latest Call of Duty battle royale, with changes to the Warzone 2 gulag making it more tactical than impulsive, a new proximity chat option to spook your opponents, and the new Warzone 2 DMZ mode bringing an extraction angle to CoD for the first time, while still taking place on the Warzone 2 map, Al Mazrah.