Warzone 2 looting and lethal AI overhauled in new Call of Duty update

Warzone 2 looting, stronghold AI, black sites, and bomb drones are all overhauled as the Call of Duty battle royale game gets a major update from Infinity Ward

Warzone 2 looting and lethal AI overhauled in new Call of Duty update. A grizzled Mexican soldier, Alejandro from Modern Warfare 2, gives a suspicious glance

Warzone 2 looting, stronghold AI, bomb drones, backpacks, black sites, and more are all overhauled as a major update for the Call of Duty battle royale game arrives from Infinity Ward, solving many of the issues faced by CoD fans, and also heralding changes to Modern Warfare 2 itself.

If you want the best Warzone 2 loadout, you’ll need to take on a stronghold or a black site. Problem is, the AI in both Warzone 2 and DMZ can feel unfairly lethal, spawning in numbers and dropping you in seconds. The new CoD update is set to take care of that. The damage you receive per AI bullet is reduced by a whopping 26%, while the number of AI units at each stronghold is down by 50%.

The number of new units produced each wave is down by 30%, and Infinity Ward has also doubled the amount of time between each AI wave, giving you an extra opportunity to reload and regroup. Black sites, however, get a little tougher, as enemies there now have additional armour.

It’s more reason to perhaps focus on strongholds, which are also being increased across the map – there will now be five rather than three active strongholds during rounds of Warzone 2. We recommend the best Warzone 2 sniper rifles if you want to deal with these lucrative fortresses easily.

The faithful but highly annoying bomb drone is getting a nerf too, as players wearing three armour plates, standing on the outer radius of the drone’s explosion, can now survive the attack, though they will still take critical damage.

There’s also a big change coming to the Warzone 2 map, courtesy of a new POI called Building 21. Finding a new set of secret keys hidden throughout DMZ mode will allow you to unlock this new area, which reportedly takes you outside of Al Mazrah proper. Definitely worth packing the best Warzone 2 M13B loadout if you’re going to investigate.

Also in DMZ news, if you’re shot down by an enemy squad, you can now request your would-be killers help and revive you. If they agree, and bring you back to life, you will abandon your former squad and join theirs. It offers a fun, moral moment: will you stay loyal to your teammates and duly bleed out, or switch sides to save your skin?

The Warzone 2 looting system is finally getting some changes as well. When players drop a weapon on the ground, the ammo for that weapon will now also drop, and be collected automatically just by walking over it. If you buy items at buy stations, they will spawn spread out on the ground, rather than in a stacked list, to make them easier to collect. Certain, more desirable items are now given loot priority, so they’re simpler to scoop up when crowded out by other collectibles.

Backpacks now contain a slot for a third weapon, meaning you can alternate the gun you equip to either the primary or secondary slot, and there are big changes to item spawn rates.

Self revives, gas masks, and plate carriers are now much more common across Warzone 2, and you’re more likely to find field upgrades both in weapon stashes and first-aid kits. These changes and more come as part of a huge Call of Duty season one update. You can read how they affect Modern Warfare 2. The full patch list, outlining bug fixes and other minor tweaks, is available from Activision.

Make sure you know how to get Warzone 2 black site keys, and also, with a better chance at conquering them now, where to find all the Warzone 2 strongholds and black sites. You might also want to know how to get the Warzone 2 nuke, which ought to be a little simpler now you can stomp the AI and get a loadout with ease.