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Best Warzone 2 MCPR-300 loadout for season 2

The best Warzone 2 MCPR-300 loadout capitalises on the sniper rifle’s outstanding range and accuracy, increasing its fire rate, handling and recoil control.

Best Warzone 2 MCPR-300 loadout: The MCPR-300 sniper rifle in the in-game gunsmith screen

The best Warzone 2 MCPR-300 loadout turns this sluggish sniper rifle into a killing machine, thanks to its core range and accuracy. Boasting incredible damage, range, and accuracy, the stock MCPR-300 is undeniably one of the best Warzone 2 sniper rifles, but it’s heavy and slow to fire. As such, increasing the gun’s fire rate in the battle royale helps you make the most of that damage range.

The best MCPR-300 loadout in Warzone 2 is:

  • Barrel: 19” Silentfire Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Cornerstone Bipod
  • Optic: Hybrid Firepoint
  • Rear Grip: Cronen RFX-300
  • Bolt: Cronen Smooth Bolt

This loadout increases the MCPR-330’s fire rate and recoil control significantly, maintaining its high damage range and accuracy in the battle royale game. Firstly, the 19” Silentfire Barrel not only suppresses the sound from the rifle but boosts recoil control and bullet velocity. The Cornerstone Bipod underbarrel then further improves that recoil control, as well as the weapon’s base accuracy, only slightly impacting aim walking movement speed.

Only certain optics are compatible with the Cornerstone Bipod, so we’ve gone with the Hybrid Firepoint. This scope improves mobility and decreases the MCPR-300’s ADS speed, and offers 4.3x magnification with just a very small sniper glint. The Cronen RFX-300 rear grip then aids that crucial recoil control even more, while the Cronen Smooth Bolt boosts the rifle’s fire rate, making the most of that huge standard clip.

Give this MCPR-300 loadout a try in Warzone 2 season 2, and you’ll be sure to get some of those distant kills as you scope the length and breadth of the huge Warzone 2 map. You’ll want to pair the best Warzone 2 sniper with an excellent support weapon, so give our best Warzone 2 LMG a try and you’ll be racking up wins in the free PC game in no time.